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Saphale Climbs

  1. Saphale Bottom to Top (East to West)

(Graphics Credits: Veloviewer and Strava)

Location: On NH8, take the left at Varai Naka and follow the road going towards Kelwe Beach. The segment starts a little after you cross the bridge over Vaitarna River.

Rating: Moderate. The first half is easier and has got 4 hairpin bends and then the gradient kicks up a bit till the col.

Road Condition: Very good.

Traffic: Sparse. This road is popular with weekend motor bikers.

USP: Good climb, along with the return segment, for hill training. The hairpins have just enough of a kick for practising those alternate sitting and standing climbing moves. The ride to Saphale from Bombay is about 120 – 130 kms round trip – so a good option for those looking to complete a Grand Fondo on good scenic roads with little traffic.


2. Saphale Return leg

(Graphics Credits: Veloviewer and Strava)

Location: The segment starts after Saphale town and ends at the col.

Rating: Easy to Moderate. The first 1.5 km is an easier gradient before it kicks up towards the end.

Road Condition: Very good – newly laid.

Traffic: Sparse.



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