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Malshej Ghat

(Graphics Credits: Veloviewer and Strava)

Location: Segment starts at Savarne Village on NH 222 at the base and ends at the MTDC Resort gate on top.

Rating: Moderate to Hard. The climbs starts out gradually and then kicks up to the 6 km mark before easing out a bit and then kicking up again for the last couple of kms.

Road Condition: The first odd 6 km and the last couple of kms are newly laid and very good. There are some bad patches near the temple and the tunnel due to rock falls.

Traffic: Very bad during the monsoons – best avoided on weekends. Rest of the year the traffic is moderate. Watch out for rock falls during the monsoons.

USP: If you keep going back to a climb more than once there’s got to be something special about it…and we did this one thrice so far. The climb is pleasing without being to painful and the views of the Harishchandragad range are beautiful.


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