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Mahableshwar Climb

(Graphics Credits: Veloviewer and Strava)

Location: Segment starts after Faujdarwadi on the Poladpur to Mahableshwar Road and ends at the CCD / ST Bus Station on top.

Rating: Tough. At 34 km and approx 4% gradient, this climb is long and hard – the first part is a climb up to Pratapgad Fort base and then an easy traverse before another tough ascent up to Mahableshwar.

Road Condition: Bad in patches. Very Good as you get closer to Mahableshwar.

Traffic: Moderate.

USP: This is perhaps the longest climb that’s relatively close to Bombay and one that’s on the bucket list of many a die hard, degenerate climber. The views as you climb higher are just fantastic. The descent back towards Poladpur is techical and your forearms and shoulders take a lot of strain due to the almost constant braking. It’s a myth that climbers don’t necessarily need upper body strength…and this descent gives you a ‘slap on the face’ reminder that you do 🙂


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