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Kasara Ghat Climb

(Graphics Credits: Veloviewer and Strava)

Location: Segment starts just after the the last on NH3 at the base of the ghat and ends at the top just after where the road splits into the one way descent.

Rating: Moderate. The first 4 km is a bit hard and then the gradient eases out a bit till the end.

Road Condition: Very good and well maintained. Since this road has been a one way, it’s been a lot safer.

Traffic: Moderate to heavy. Being a major national highway, there’s a lot of heavy vehicle traffic, but not too bad for a cyclist to navigate through.

USP: Again, one of those climbs you return to multiple times (I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve done it). Very good loop for long hill repeats and especially good during the monsoons and winter. The descent is one of the best around, one way and you can average 50 kph or more if you dare to go into an aero position 🙂


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