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Lavassa Climb – From Temghar Dam to the Top

(Graphics Credits: Veloviewer and Strava)

Location: Segment starts at base of Temghar Dam just after the bridge at Lavarde.

Rating: Tough. From about the 2 km mark to just after the 4 km mark, the gradient kicks up and goes through some awesome hairpin bends (PBCh calls them “Hairpins from Hell”) and thereafter eases out a bit before kicking up again in the final km.

Road Condition: Superb – maintained by Lavassa.

Traffic: Moderate – however, Lavassa have stationed manned check posts at some of the hairpin bends to regulate traffic and this makes it quite safe for cyclists climbing up.

USP: This climb is worth the effort for the beautiful views, the fantastic roads and, mostly , for the painful hairpin bends 🙂


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This was just after the descent from the top of the Lavassa Loops to Temghar Dam at the Pune Bicycle Championship 5 in October 2013. One of the toughest climbs around and the satisfaction of completing the ride to the top and the breathtaking descent back to the base was indescribable. There were times on this Category 2 Climb when I wondered as to what it was that got me out of my bed on a Sunday morning and put myself through agony on climbs of 20% gradient or more at some places, but then as you near the finish at the top and see a whole bunch of people cheering you on, the adrenaline rush at seeing the 1 km to go sign, I realized that this is why I cycle and why I love climbing hills. The descent back to base was icing on the cake and this picture aptly shows the joy I felt at finishing an awesome ride.



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