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Kalhatty – The WALL!!!

Photo Credits: RAY Photography during Tour of Nilgiris 2015.

(Graphics Credits: Veloviewer and Strava)

Rating: Off the scale HARD!!!

Road Condition: Fantastic road surface all the way.

Traffic: Moderate – however, just my experience, the vehicles coming down the ghat – heavy vehicles as well – give way and slow down for cyclists coming up. This I found unique, as anywhere else, motorised vehicles seldom give a sh*t about cyclists.

USP: For any climber worth his salt, this is THE mother of all climbs…they don’t call it “The Wall” lightly. About 12 km, 1250 mts approx elevation gain, 10 – 11% average gradient, 36 hairpins (the sadists who made those boards counting down the numbers as you go higher deserve an ovation!!!) and butter smooth roads. There is not one stretch on the entire 12 km where you can hope recover, including a 300 meter steep ramp that goes by the name ‘Heil Hitler’…zone 4/5 almost all the way. A once in a lifetime sufferfest experience….and I’ll be coming back for more 🙂



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